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Saving St Louis Pets works to raise funds through donations, contributions, shirt and merchandise sales, and fundraisers. The funds raised are used to provide emergency medical needs of stray pet animals in the St Louis, MO region that are approved and voted upon by the board. The stories about those we support and have helped can be found on our Facebook Page.


All injured stray domesticated animals MUST be scanned for a microchip and all efforts to find the owners made prior to contacting Saving St Louis Pets (SSLP) for financial assistance.
Financial assistance is for individuals that find injured stray domesticated animals and rescues that take on injured stray domesticated animals. We will not donate to a breeder or pet flipper, nor animals owned by the person seeking assistance.
SSLP can pay $50 to $500 directly to an approved veterinarian for an individual or $50-300 for a rescue, but no more than half of a rescue’s bill will be covered.
Four of the seven SSLP board members must vote yes before a medical payment can be made.
If at any time a person doesn’t agree or changes their mind about following the guidelines, SSLP has the right to turn down the medical fund for that pet or require reimbursement of the funds paid.
All donations will be paid to a veterinary office/center and will never be paid directly to a rescue or individual.
No individual or rescue’s veterinarian account is to receive a credit through an SSLP payment. If the bill total ends up being less than anticipated the extra funds will be refunded to SSLP and not an individual or rescue. (i.e. $500 paid to vet for a rescue that ends up with a bill of $800, the payments made to the vet office total $900. SSLP will receive a refund of $100 bringing the total covered to ½ of the bill.)
Rescues must help sell our merchandise if given financial assistance. The required number of shirts to be sold will depend on the amount of monetary help requested and agreed upon prior to any monetary payment made on behalf of the rescue.
Individuals given financial assistance for a stray pet must provide volunteer hours to SSLP or the rescue that takes over the care of that pet. The number of volunteer hours will be determined by the amount of monetary assistance given and an agreed upon amount prior to the transfer of funds. You will be required to donate 5 volunteer hours for every $100 of assistance. Potential volunteering could be handling adoptable pets at events, helping plan a fundraiser, volunteering at a fundraiser, selling SSLP merchandise similar to rescues, etc.
If you are the owner of a stray animal that SSLP has provided financial assistance for, you may be asked to reimburse or make payments to repay SSLP after emergency medical funding was provided to save the life of your pet. If it is found that you are unable to repay SSLP, you will be required to provide volunteer hours to SSLP at upcoming SSLP events or at an assisting rescue’s events. A “donation” payment plan can be arranged to work towards the repayment if an owner is unable to immediately cover the cost of repaying SSLP.
SSLP operates on a monthly budget of giving. If the money for that calendar month has already been paid, then we will have to deny requests that come in for the remainder of that month.
An individual or rescue can only receive financial assistance up to twice per calendar year.

Financial assistance is for urgent medical cases*. SSLP does not help with routine care, spay/neuter (unless prior arrangements are worked out with SSLP), or reimbursement for previous care.

To receive the assistance a pet must be altered, or an appointment set up to have the pet spayed/neutered as soon as medically possible**.


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