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Brazil, IN 47834
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We are trying our best to get out there for adoption events, however, we are short handed and short funded. WE NEED YOU! If you can help, PLEASE send us e-mail or call. You can keep updated on our events by viewing our calendar.

About us ... When you see where we are located, your first thought is: this looks like a regular residence. Just a house with a detached garage. However, we are a 24/7, 365 work in progress. Caring for, tending to, and providing much love to all our animals. We hope to be able to quickly put up at least two more buildings in the back part of our property along with many dog runs. We have already upgraded electricity sufficiently to run power out to the back buildings. It is our passion to properly care for all the animals in our care. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit tax deductible and tax exempt organization. We rely solely on whatever money we obtain however we can obtain it. We can not do all of this completely by ourselves. We (and all our animals) need you as well.

Not by any means is owning and maintaining a rescue and sanctuary an easy task. It is a never ending endeavor. We don't take days off, holidays, or any vacations. However, when you truly do have that passion and love in your heart and soul, all the hard work and sacrifices we make somehow do not seem so bad.

Rescuing, rehabilitating, caring for, cleaning, upkeep, and finding forever homes for abandoned and/or abused or neglected/unwanted animals is an endless task. We don't do it for money. We do it because we cannot stand by while anyone mistreats an animal!

We formed TJ Rescue and Sanctuary because the problem of animal abuse and neglect has grown beyond the resources of the 2 existing animal facilities that lie within Clay County Indiana. Where the definition of euthanization means to have a painless death to end suffering, we do not euthanize because an animal is perceived to be unadoptable or a misfit. We evaluate each and every one of the animals in our facility as best we can. However, being perceived as 'unadoptable' doesn't justify an end to their life. It simply means they are unique or extra ordinarily special; just as being equivacally unique or special as each individual human is. We do not euthanize to make room. We accomodate and go without ourselves if need be sometimes. Animals are our priority.

TJ Rescue and Sanctuary has zero tolerance when it comes to animal abuse and neglect. If you know something we should know, give us a call.


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