Welcome to SBRT

Who We Are?

Who Are We?
SBRT is a 501(C)3 non-profit, all volunteer rescue organization, dedicated to rescuing lost, injured, neglected and abandoned Saint Bernard's and rehoming them. We are part of the National Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation, Inc and are funded through tax deductible donations and fundraising events.

What We Do?

What we do?
SBRT takes in Saint Bernard's that have been abandoned, abused, injured or neglected, giving them medical attention along with vaccines and spay/neutering. We then re-socialize them and adopt them into qualified, loving homes.

Our Mission

What Is This?
Our Mission is to help rescue homeless, abandoned (often neglected and abused) Saint Bernard puppies and dogs, and find loving, permanent homes. Our Mission has both a rescue plank and an education plank. Our rescue program is necessary to save dogs in peril today; our education objectives are necessary to change public attitudes and behaviors so that we can attack the plague at its source: irresponsible breeding and treatment of these loving animals. Although we provide services primarily to the Saint Bernard, we will not refuse services to any dog in need of immediate and caring attention.

Thank you for your donation!