Who We Are

These are some of the faces of the lost, the neglected and the ones left behind. The ones who asked for nothing but love, protection and safety. They will never understand why the were abused, abandoned or worse. They only know that they are scared and possibly in pain. They don't know how to react to you. Are you going to hurt them like the last human they knew?

Our mission is to rescue and find forever homes for shelter animals that are in immediate danger of losing their lives. We invest our time, emotions and lives into these animals and our goal is to match a homeless animals with it's perfect family or individual.

Adopt A Pet From Us!

Are you looking to adopt? If so, we would love to help you find your perfect animal companion! We take every care to do our best to match our adoptables with the best family or individual suited for them. These animals have already been through so much and we want them to be in there forever home when they leave us.

If you are interested in adopting please visit our adoption info page to read our requirements and how to proceed. All adoptees must fill out an application. Adopt and help us save a life ... thank you.

Foster, Sponsor, Volunteer

Experience the feeling of saving a life. Of making a difference. Of unconditional love. We have so many that need help. Could you please consider fostering or sponsoring? Some are babies and some are seniors. Some are in between. But they are all the same when it comes to their need to be loved.


Donations are almost non-existent, so we are in dire need, anything you can give is greatly appreciated. All donations go to the care of the animals and our efforts to get them adopted, without your help we can't keep saving lives. We are an all volunteer organization and do not profit from this in any way.