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Lisa Pellegrene

Honorary Team Member, Weezie aka Weezie Wiggle Booty - Weezie was rescued by Lisa, along with her sister Tasha almost 6 years ago right before her 5th birthday. But really, Weezie and her sister rescued her in a sense, as they came into her life when she needed them the most. <3 Weezie always all heart, and also a very intelligent, sweet girl. Lisa knows Weezie is rallying from doggie heaven for all of the dogs that the Beauties for Bullies will continue to help. Of course Weezie also a Beauty for Bullie team member! Weezie's sister Tasha also a sweetheart is currently battling a heart mass tumor at almost 12 years old. Please send lots of prayers, and love her way. Also pictured Max, Lisa's Rottie/German Shepherd she rescued when he was just 8 months old and who is now almost 12. He had major surgery in November for Gall Bladder Peritonitis and is now doing very well. Left to right Weezie, Max & Tasha.

Founder of Pittie's Angels, Lisa Pellegrene  is a actress/model/consultant for films with social causes who starting her modeling in her late teens, and then later both modeling and scouting for an agency on the east coast. And she is vegan, has been for 2 years! She is a long time advocate for the breeds unjustly discriminated against, such as Pit bulls and Rottweilers, and the Director of the So Cal Branch of Mid West Rottie Rescue.

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