Simple Content Management System

Thank you for buying Simple Content Management System script.

Installing the script:

1) before running the installation script you will need to edit the cms-options.php file. You can edit the file using a plain text editing software such as notepad. At the top of the file you will see:

"hostname" => 'localhost'
"mysql_user" => 'username'
"mysql_pass" => 'password'
"mysql_database" => 'database_name'
"useCookie" => false

  • hostname = 'localhost'; - this is your MySQL server. Most probably localhost will work but it may also be IP address or valid domain name.
  • mysql_user='username'; - this is the username that you use to connect to your mysql database. Replace yourusername with your MySQL login username
  • mysql_pass='password'; - this is the password that you use to connect to your mysql database. Replace yourpassword with your MySQL login password
  • mysql_database='database_name'; - this is the database name where the MySQL tables will be created. Replace yourdatabase with your MySQL database name
  • useCookie=false; - this is used when you want to log to your admin panel using cookies. If you are not sure how you want to connect leave it's value to the default (false)

In case you do not know some of the above data, please contact your hosting provider. Please, note that the user that you will use for script should have INSERT, SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE TABLE permissions.

Next few lines in the cms-options.php file you will see the default login details for your SimpleCMS administration page. You can change it to whatever you want.

"admin_username" => 'admin'
"admin_password" => 'pass'

Next you need to set the full URL where you have the script installed.

"installURL" => ''

3) upload the files in a folder on your web server

4) open, where is the domain name and 'folder' is the folder where you uploaded the files. You will be asked to confirm the login details for your MySQL server. On the next step you will have database tables for your script created.

5) delete the cms-install.php file

6) all you have to do now is to login at