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George is in bad shape and we are asking for donations to help with the cost of his ongoing medical treatment. For George's story click here. Thank you for thinking of us!
$375.00 Received
Our Goal Is     $750.00
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We are attending the NARBC Conference in February 23-24 in Arlington, Texas! They have so graciously donated a booth for us!!!

About DFW Reptile Rescue

DFW Reptile Rescue is owned by Carrie & Melissa Caposello. Our mission statement is three-fold:

To take in injured, abused and/or unwanted reptiles and provide them with proper veterinarian care (if needed) help them overcome any harsh treatment by previous owner(s). When possible, we place the reptile in a loving home and insure that all needs and requirements are in place in the new home and safe environment. Provide education to the public via presentations to various schools, civic organizations, media and social sites etc., on the proper care of reptiles and their habitat. As owners and caretakers of reptiles, we feel strongly that the public benefits greatly from having access to the education of reptiles. Without this education, the ignorance and myths will continue to reign regarding reptiles.

With the mindset held by many individuals that reptiles are disposable pets, snakes and lizards often suffer from neglect, cruel torture and usually set free. Many of these invasive species adapt to their new environments, where they reproduce and become established. These species can predate upon native species, out compete native species for food resources, and spread infectious diseases to native populations. Invasive species are one of the most serious threats to native wildlife worldwide, as they are incredibly difficult to eradicate from the wild once they become established. On top of driving native species to dangerously low numbers or to complete extinction, invasive species cost humans billions of dollars each year in environmental damage.

It is our mission to take these animals in, provide them with medical treatment as needed and give them the unconditional love and respect they deserve so that they may overcome the abuse they have suffered. When we feel the animals are well and free of physical as well as mental/emotional problems, we try to adopt them out to people who are educated on, and have shown the ability, to care for the reptile(s). If we feel that the animal(s) are unable to be placed we keep the animal and it becomes a permanent resident!  Sometimes we take in reptiles that people are going through a hard time, we totally understand that!  Everyone goes through a hard time and we are here to help you! 

Financial Aspects

The shelter is funded only by our personal income and supplemented by any donations we're given from public donations. Donate to our rescue and save a life! You can send your donations through Paypal. All donations are TAX EXEMPT!

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