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About Us

The Werner's --
--Loving, Caring, Filled with Faith

These words describe two people who loved life and gave endlessly. I met the Werner's through my long-time friend of 26 years, Erica and her twin adopted brother Eric. Through the years they loved unconditionally any child or animal that wandered into their path. In 2007, we lost Henry and in 2009, Ruth.

While attending Ruth's funeral, I listened closely and remembered the Pastor saying how death is the life risen to a higher place and that it was time to "stop and pause and reflect on her life." At this time he spoke so highly of Ruth's love of animals and the Lord. When I cleared my mind as he spoke, I was able to feel her deep love that he described.

At the time of her death, I had been struggling with a name for this life-long dream organization. While driving home to TN from FLA,the preacher's words came over me and the name 'A TIME 4 PAWS' was born. It was time to pause the killing, and think of ways to give God's creatures the life they deserve.

-- Thank you Ruth Ann for all you have done in life and in your passing.

We've Come So Far - - -

A Time 4 Paws started out with one person's ideas to help the helpless. The unwanted dogs and cats of Cumberland County,Tn hadn't been treated with respect or dignity. After seeing how stray, feral, and sometimes owned dogs and cats were being treated at local shelters, Karen McMeekin asked if she could help. After attending national and regional conferences and gathering local and national data, she shared her belief in The No Kill Philosophy -

After much eye brow raising and negative comments from local organizations and government, she continued with a few other believers (soon to become board members of AT4P) to spread the word about this proven way of saving lives. After much controversy (yet many lives saved) Karen and Teresa Williams, Elizabeth Chastain, Lucy Cardella and Consuello Briggione formed A Time 4 Paws, a non profit animal welfare organization. Since our inception, many many people of Cumberland County have joined our efforts to change the way animals are treated in this part of the south. Follow us on Facebook and on this site for more and more life saving programs. We believe we can make change if we do it one paw at a time.