About Us

A dog's Life Rescue is a small rescue that started in NJ.  We are a very small rescue, as a matter of fact at this point it is just me but I have high hopes of expanding and eventually applying for 501(c)3 non profit status so that any donations to our group will be tax deductible. It's simply a matter of gaining more funds to cover the application fee. In the mean time, I am working diligently to save the lives of dogs in the south. There the euthanasia rate is in the 90% rate, in some states in the high ninety percent rate! Some shelters in that area use very inhumane methods for euthanasia.

That being said, I am currently trying to help a wonderful shelter in TN and a small 501(c)3 small rescue in the south. For now, all the dogs you see with a few exceptions are from this amazing shelter in TN and have been sent to yet another amazing shelter in Northern, NJ. That shelter is Eleventh Hour Rescue and our dogs are under their auspices. I am simply cross posting those dogs but guarantee you that they are all SUPER DOGS. Their adoption fees are $325.00 for dogs and puppies. This fee includes spay/neuter, vaccinations microchip, and free fecal test post adoption. For senior dogs 8 years and older the adoption fee is $150.00. You can check out their web at www.ehrdogs.org site.

You also have the option of adopting a dog through the TN. shelter. This is also a super wonderful shelter. While, aside from driving to TN to meet the dog in person, you have my guarantee that the woman who you would be dealing with is nothing short of AMAZING! I have NEVER known anyone with such an uncanny ability to match dogs with people! I have had a number of dogs who were adopted without the adopter actually meeting the dog prior to adoption but rather relying on this woman's expertise and each and every one of them has been a great success! If you are willing to go that route the adoption fee is only $100.00. This covers spay/neuter, shots up to date, heart worm check,  microchip and transport. You would need to pick up the dog somewhere in NJ.  This is an unbeatable deal!  If you choose to adopt this way then you would email this lady. Her name is Jenifer Steele and her email is jenandjerry@hughes.net. In your email you would tell her what you are looking for; do you have a size or sex preference, energy level you are looking for, how you would exercise the dog and how long the dog would be left alone  Also let her know if you have children and if so their ages. I promise you will NOT be disappointed. Jenifer will email you pictures and descriptions of the dogs she thinks will be most suitable for you.


I am now located in Ardmore, PA and am DESPERATELY SEEKING FOSTER FAMILIES OR INDIVIDUALS in the surrounding area. As a foster you are the lifeline that helps save more lives. You are invaluable to us and I cannot think of a more rewarding experience. For more information on becoming a foster please contact me either by phone at 610-203-1759 or email me at gottalovethemdoggies2@gmail.com. From all  the dogs you help save, a wagging tail and a grateful "WOOF".
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